Artsy Chicago

Art appreciation is in full force in Chicago. Enthusiasts need to look no further than this Midwest City, home to some of the finest museums in the world as well as high-profile shows, cutting-edge galleries, and eye-catching public works that are transforming plazas and parks. Whether you prefer classical works by the masters or more … Read more

Offbeat Chicago

Sometimes you want to see another side of the city—and not only the main tourist attractions. While Chicago may be famous for the Museums, Architecture, Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park, and Navy Pier, the destination also has a fascinating history full of stories, different perspectives, and famous personalities. For those who want to stray from standard … Read more

Family Time: Where to Take the Kids

Now that the kiddos are out of school, it’s time to start thinking of cool things for them to do during summer break. When it comes to exciting attractions and activities, Chicago is the ultimate playground for children of all ages. The city is a fantastic place for families to spend quality time, whether they’re … Read more

Budget-friendly Chicago

Seeing the sights should never cause anyone financial grief. Fortunately, travelers will be glad to know that Chicago is a pretty affordable place when it comes to awesome things to do and places to see. So here’s the low-down on how to experience the city for a fraction of the cost, or in some instances, … Read more

Summer in the City

June through late September is a fine time to be in Chicago—since summer offers all sorts of exciting escapades. Breezy beaches, events outdoors, refreshing cocktails on rooftops, dining alfresco, and relaxing city tours, definitely keep locals and visitors on the move. So whether you’re traveling from afar or treating yourself to a staycation, here are … Read more