Popular Outdoor Chicago Tours

Don’t let the spectacular skyline fool you. Don’t get hung up on all the steel and concrete. Forget about the traffic, and disregard the everyday sounds of the hustle and bustle. For all that it is one of the world’s major cities, Chicago is also very much a city of the great outdoors. Here you … Read more

Chicago Architecture Tours

What comes to mind first when you think of the great city of Chicago? Wind? Pizza? Lake Michigan? The Art Institute? Michael Jordan? Wrigley Field? You get the point: all of the above—and yet still many, many more possibilities—would be quite acceptable answers, because Chicago has a lot going for it. In the mix here, … Read more

Six Things to Do in Chicago in Spring

It’s true that there’s never a bad time to find yourself in a world-class city like Chicago, but still there’s just something about springtime in the Windy City. The flowers that line Michigan Avenue are starting to bloom again, people are returning to all number of fun activities along Lake Michigan, and there’s a crispness … Read more