Ten Great Places for Live Music in Chicago

Chicago is a music town, full stop. The city has given rise to more eminent musicians, bands, singers, and performers than any one place has right to claim, and the very history of such foundational genres like jazz, rock, and the blues wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the influence of Chicago and … Read more

Ten Fabulous Things to Do at Navy Pier

Navy Pier is one of Chicago’s most popular attractions, a distinction it holds in no small part because of the abundance of awesome activities available there. There’s so much to see and do there, in fact, that you might need some help figuring out where to start. Here are 10 fabulous things to do at … Read more

Best Chicago Art

Chicago is a city of many wonders, yet even among those many wonders there are standout elements especially worth celebrating. One of these would have to be its tremendous art scene. Everywhere you turn in Chicago you’re liable to spy an art museum, come across an art gallery, or encounter a work of public art. … Read more

Literary Chicago

Vibrant stories, scenes, and the writers who bring them to life have quite the legacy in Chicago, and bibliophiles who want to experience this intriguing side of the city have many places to explore. From the historic home of a great American poet to the notorious landmarks of a gripping true-crime novel, fascinating museums, and … Read more

Curtains Rise on the Chicago Theater Scene

The Chicago theater scene is alive and well with exciting productions on the playbill throughout the year. From spectacular blockbuster musicals downtown to fresh exciting works coming out of the Belmont Theater District, not to mention special events and insider backstage tours, the city is bursting with show-stopping performances and experiences. This season is certainly … Read more